My mission:I wanted to create a site that showed easy recipes that one can make at home and on a time/money budget. While some recipes are a little trickier than others, lets not forget our grandmothers and great mothers and beyond…did this on the daily. Just trying to keep the spirit of cooking alive.

About me: I am not a professional chef, nor am I a chef to any extent. I am a self taught home cook. I grew up on fast food,  casseroles and things that came from a box. A true midwesterner.

I didn’t learn how to cook until after college and by all means….I wasn’t great. I burnt rice in water…I’m not sure how you even do that, but I did it. 

I had always been interested in cooking, ever since I was young. Then one day I started watching cooking shows like: Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America, Master Chef.

I would watch and be like…I wanna do that, I could do that! And soon I just said screw-it I’m going to try this! I practiced a lot, I messed up things…a lot. But cooking just became this fun hobby. I could have a terrible day at work and come home and just cook. Cooking is the one thing I could control and I just absolutely enjoy it. Everyday can be something different and it never gets boring.

Cooking is truly just a fun hobby and passion of mine.

And when you love something, why not share it with the world?

Cheers ❤️