Midwest Guacamole

In preparation of game day, we all need some snacks and my favorite snack is guacamole. This recipe is so easy to make and so addicting…you probably wont’ have leftovers.



  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 1 sweet onion
  • 1 bunch of cilantro
  • 1 lime
  • 4 soft avacados
  • 1/4 cup of pickled jalapenos or 2 fresh jalapenos
  • salt/pepper


  1. Start by scooping out avocados and placing them in a bowl.
  2. Next dice up your tomatoes into small pieces and add to avocado mix.
  3. Finely dice your onion and add to mixture.
  4. Finally add in your jalapenos and finely diced cilantro.
  5. Mix well and begin seasoning with salt and pepper.
  6. Finish off the guacamole with a few spritz of lime.
  7. Serve and enjoy!



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